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Will Merger Of Banks Provide Any Benefit To India’s Economy

The season of bank mergers is going on and looking at the trend; this term surely fits the bill. The finance ministry of India is on a bank merger spree. It is amalgamating several small and mid-size banks into one major bank. According to this plan, the number of public sector banks that were 27 in numbers will be reduced to 12 after the merger process is complete. The current plan includes four major mergers of banks of the public sector undertaking.
The Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) and the United Bank of India (UBI) will be merged into the Punjab National Bank (PNB). After this move, Punjab National Bank will become the second-largest PSU bank right after the State Bank of India.In the second amalgamation plan, Syndicate bank will become a part of Canara bank, whereas Andhra Bank and Corporation Bank shall be merged with Union Bank of India.
Allahabad Bank shall be merged with Indian bank which will make it the seventh-largest state-owned bank in India. However, the other six PSU…
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The Rapid Emergence Small Finance Banks

Recently, several small finance banks have mushroomed quite rapidly, giving you multiple options for banking. The Reserve Bank of India announced that it would come out with some guidelines for issuance of ‘non-tap’ licenses for the small finance banks. This is in order to promote banking facilities for the small borrowers and for encouraging competition in this sector. The Reserve Bank of India has rendered sanctioned hypothetically to ten entities for entering the small finance banking sector in September 2015.
The ‘on tap’ licensing shall allow the entities to approach the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for acquiring licenses for small finance banks on meeting certain criteria laid down by RBI. The entities eligible for licenses would not have to wait for it for long, and it will be available on demand. In its statement on developmental and regulatory policies, RBI mentioned that it was notified in the Guidelines for Licensing of “Payment Banks” and “Small Finance Banks” in the private…

How An Electric Car Works

We all have been reading and discussing about electric cars and buses and seen how they help in curbing pollution and save the environment. All over the world, the production of electric cars is receiving a good push, and companies are promoting their EV models for the future generation. We all do know how combustion engine car runs on fuel like diesel and petrol. But have you ever wondered how an electric car or bus functions? The general idea what we all have is that they run battery-powered motor which needs to be charged. But there is a lot of mechanism behind it which ultimately makes the EV run on the road.
Here is a little short description for the non-technical people out there who are interested to know how electric cars or other vehicles work. We shall give you an anatomy of the electric car and tell you about its vital components like batteries, electric motor, regenerative brakes, and charging system.
Batteries The battery is the bloodstream of the car, which gives it the jui…

How Scary Is The Unemployment Rate Of India

Earning a living is the most essential for the people to survive. It applies to every person whether he or she is rich or poor. The source of income shall determine the ways of fulfilling the individual needs and the requirements of the family. A job or business is the means of income all around the globe. Everyone has their own preferences for ways to earn a living. But when this means is in scarcity, this can be alarming for the people of that region. Unfortunately, the data showing the employment opportunities graph in India is not encouraging and is a matter of big concern.
The unemployment rate in India is significantly increased according to the data released Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE). The report states that the unemployment rate has risen by 7.2 % until February 2019, which is the highest ever since September 2016. There has been a spike in the number of job seekers from different fields and also the labors who are looking for opportunities for a new job. But what lead to th…

Things That You Should Consider Before Buying A Smartphone

Smartphones have become the daily part of lives and there an array of models available in the market. The smartphone industry is pouring the market with new models every second day. They also include various features that are useful to us on a daily basis. Right from the camera, battery, voice quality, and operational functions, the phones are highlighted in such a way that they are the best in the market.The thing is that all the phones might appear good too but are they worth your money or the phone you are actually looking for. If you are planning to buy a new smartphone or changing your current phone, here are some factors that you must check out apart from price and other general specifications.
Display size You must carefully choose the display size of the phone based on your usage. Generally, smartphones come in a size of 5.5 inches to 6 inches that support Full HD or QHD resolutions. If you have a habit of streaming videos, taking pictures, editing photos and videos and see movi…

Can Rain Water Harvesting Resolve The Water Crisis Of India

Water is the most vital element for the survival for the humans and animals, and it is rapidly becoming scarce. The growing water crisis has run the alarm bell not only in India but also across the world. Water scarcity is becoming a dangerous problem for people all around the world, and India is also not untouched by it. Till now, we have been seeing the people of the rural areas or the village struggling to meet the need of their daily water requirement. But now, this problem is creeping towards the urban areas as well. In recent times, Chennai and Delhi have become a burning example of how serious the water crisis in India could be.
People are not able to meet their daily need of water, and due to that, many business establishments and eateries have shut down. The water crisis has almost paralyzed normal life in these cities and also in many areas of India. As the available sources of water are quite less and the demand is more than it can supply, this scarcity is bound to happen.…

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Inverter For Home

A power outage can happen anytime and in any season. The frequency particularly increases during summer and monsoon season. During the summer, the power grid gets overloaded due to excessive demand for electricity, which leads to system failure and power cut. In monsoon, the electric line snaps at times due to gusty winds that come with rains or due to falling trees or electrical poles. In all these situations, you are left without power and sweltering with heat or in total darkness. In such situations, the inverter can save you from the brunt of a power cut.

Inverters are electrical gadgets that work as backup power in case of power failure. They can run your electrical devices like fan, light, TV, computer and other basic electric appliances in your home. Inverters come with different power capacity that mainly relies on the machinery and battery that comes along the inverter. Based on that, you are able to get the power supply from it. There are a few things that you should keep i…