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Luggage Industry Is Packing A Good Growth Rate

All of us have to travel from one place to another at some point of time, be it for leisure, business, work or just moving from town to another. Since traveling is a continuous process for many people and they have to move frequently, they have to carry all their essential items with them like clothes, toiletries, electronic gadgets, gifts, and other personal usage articles. To carry and keep all these stuff together, you have to pack them together. For that purpose, you will need a bag or a suitcase in which you can put all these items and carry them with you. Be it a long trip or a short journey, a bag or a suitcase is an important thing without which you will not be able to take all your belongings together.

For traveling purpose and to for packing your luggage, there are different types of bags and suitcases available in the market. They come in different types of shapes, sizes, and colors as well. Apart from that, you also get to choose the texture and material type that ranges …
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The War Between OLA And UBER

There was a time when calling a cab was nothing less than a war. The first thing was catching a cab. The incessant refusals of the cabs for going to your destination were a frustrating thing. Even after you managed to grab a taxi, you had to battle it out with him to go on the meter. If lucky, the cab would agree, but the meter would run so fast that even traveling a short distance felt like you have traveled a thousand kilometer and he is charging you for that. This often resulted in an ugly spat between you and your cab drivers. This was a very common scenario in India, and the autocracy of the cab drivers harassed the commuters for a long time.
However, this scenario changed with the entry of app cab services like OLA and Uber. These two app-based cab services made the commuter’s life a bit easy in India as they no longer had to struggle with the cab drivers for going to their respective destinations. The apps have designated cars which roam around in the city. Booking cabs via thes…

Readymade Furniture Is Decorating The Revenue Growth In India

Furniture is needed in every household for decorating the home and various other purposes. The most common furniture that is used in every home is a sofa set, a cupboard, a bed, and a table and chairs. Apart from that, there are other decorative furniture too. Whenever you buy a home or move into a new home, it is one of the basic things that you need whenever you build a home for yourself.
In recent years, the taste and lifestyle of the people has changed a lot in India. They are opting for more stylish and designer things for themselves. This trend has come in the market of furniture as well. Buyers are now looking for more attractive and swanky furniture for their home so that they can give a luxurious and stylish look to their home. Different people have a different kind of taste. Some look for modern furniture that looks stylish and saves space as well whereas some people prefer a traditional look which gives a royal feeling.

The furniture market is an important segment of the h…

The Status Of Real Estate Market India

Housing is one of the most essential and basic requirements of every
human being. Be it a rich person or a poor, everyone needs a roof over
their head. Owning a home is also a dream for many people and for
some it is a good opportunity for investment. The real estate sector
offers its services to the people to fulfill their dream of having their own
home. In India, the requirement for new homes is on the rise as the
population is increasing day by day and everyone is seeking a home for

The real estate is also one of the largest industries in India which is not
only providing home and offices to the people but also employing a
huge workforce. Plenty of commercial projects and retail sector is also
influenced by the growth of the real estate industry. According to
research conducted by the IBEF, the total workforce will grow by 30%
over the next decade. It means that real estate will be the second
largest employer right after the agriculture sector.

However, there are lot c…

How Good Is Rupay Card

In the digitization of Indian economy, the card of RuPay has emerged as a very strong contender against the VISA and MasterCard in India. This card was launched National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) on 26th March 2012. The card was created with an idea to fulfill the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) plan to start a domestic, open loop and multilateral payment system in India. This initiative was taken because nearly 90% transaction and most of them done through debit cards are domestic. But the cost of the transaction goes up as it was dominated by international gateways like the VISA and the MasterCard.

The introduction of RuPay has given the banks a great alternative against the international giants like VISA and MasterCard for the purpose of electronic payments. RuPay is making its presence felt in every financial service and transaction mode. Today, you will get a credit card, debit card and virtual payment cards in the form of RuPay.
The word RuPay is actually a portmanteau o…